Made up of talented teams of adept, passionate, self-motivated and, often times, fanatical individuals, Aparium’s talent pool is exceptional in every way

Working Together

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We enable every associate to create remarkable moments for each guest. Thoughtfulness, sincerity, intuitiveness, knowledge, and above all, graciousness are the foundation of our unique service model.

Our proven approach not only increases efficiencies, but also dramatically improves the guest experience. We meticulously train staff at all levels in the art of anticipatory service—we encourage genuine, unscripted interactions with guests, and an acute sense of ownership in the success of the company.

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Aparium is a creative, flat organization comprised of friendly and supportive coworkers. Our family-like workplaces are inspiring and engaging and we put a premium on team building of all shapes and sizes. We make ongoing learning and professional development opportunities a priority at all levels and all locations. At Aparium, everyone contributes to the end product of sustained excellence.

We have open positions across the country in markets as diverse as Detroit, Minneapolis, Tempe, Milwaukee, La Crosse, and of course in our Chicago headquarters. Most importantly, working with Aparium means joining a team that values your input, respects your voice and values, and expects each employee to bring their unique talents to the table allowing for unrivaled personal and professional growth.

Comprehensive benefit packages
Medical, dental, vision, and 401(k) are standard.

Friends and family benefit, too
Friends and family room rates are available to employees at all our properties.

Food and beverage discounts
Special employee pricing at Aparium restaurants and bars is available for employees at all locations. We encourage all employees to enjoy the properties and share the Aparium experience.


Your Voice Is Critical To Our Success. Together We Can Do Great Things.

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Interested in opportunities at our hotels?  Check out openings for The Charmant Hotel and The Iron Horse Hotel.

Aparium Hotel Group does not discriminate on the basis of disability, veteran status or any other basis protected under federal, state or local laws. Aparium Hotel Group is a smokefree, drug-free facility, and equal opportunity employer.

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