St. Jane

Chicago, Illinois

A common ground for uncommon people in the vibrant city of Chicago, Illinois. Drawing upon its roots in local history as well as its commitment to art, design and philanthropy, St. Jane offers a new and exciting experience in the Windy City.

Services provided: Planning, Programming, Positioning, Management

There’s a new home in Chicago.

Born of this city, and for this time.

Inspired by a new generation of seekers.

Those filled with a sense of wonder in the world.

Those who know that individuality and diversity are not just values to be celebrated, but are essential to new ideas and thinking.

Those who long for a common ground to revel, debate, dine and commune with others who share their sense of curiosity, independence, and entrepreneurial spirit.

This is common ground for uncommon people.

Introducing St. Jane

The 363 room property offers flexible public and private spaces, inspiring impromptu collaboration and connection. The guest rooms bring together eclectic styles with one-of-a-kind furnishings and playful framed art while providing timeless sophistication and contemporary edge with a distinctly Chicago twist. Partnering with local artists and galleries, the guests’ exploration of Chicago becomes as authentic as it is uncommon.

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