Charmant Hotel

La Crosse, Wisconsin

A boutique hotel quite unlike any other comes to life on the banks of the Mississippi River.

Services provided: Planning, Programming, Positioning, Management

Working collaboratively with Weber Holdings, Aparium opened The Charmant Hotel in the summer of 2015. Located in the historic former Joseph B. Funke Candy Co. the Charmant derives its name from the French word for charming—fitting, as this 67 room hotel has an abundance of it. Located at 101 State Street in downtown La Crosse, the building was originally constructed

in 1898 with an addition to the east end completed in 1905. Until 1933 the Joseph B. Funke Candy factory operated out of the large brick structure anchoring the downtown area. The building served many purposes in the following years. Don and Roxanne Weber purchased the property in 2013 and contracted with Aparium to bring the development to life shortly thereafter.

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